The Adams landing net from Stoney Creek Designs is inspired by the world-famous Adams dry fly pattern invented by Leonard Halladay of Mayfield, Michigan in 1922. Halladay designed his trout fly specifically for his client, Charles F. Adams of Lorain, Ohio, to fish on the Boardman River. In the same spirit, I designed this net for small, intimate trout streams like the Boardman. With a hoop measuring 8 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches and an overall frame length of just over 21 inches, it is compact enough to hang discreetly out of the way on your back or at your side. It is perfect for scooping up delicate wild Brook Trout in its fish-friendly, soft nylon mesh catch-and-release bag, but can also easily handle the larger Brown Trout that could just be lurking in a deep pool of your favorite little creek.
This particular Adams net has a hoop of Mahogany and a handle of Michigan Cherry, accented with stabilized Maple burl dyed a dark charcoal with reddish-brown highlights. The Cherry handle features beautiful wood-burning art by Tom Reverman and includes a beveled opening which will accommodate attachment to a carabiner, vest or pack D-ring, or lanyard.

Adams Net (with mayfly art)