Wandering like a memory through the graveyard of the vanished old-growth forests that once surrounded the lumbering ghost town of Deward in Crawford County, Michigan, are the diminutive and secretive headwaters of the mighty Manistee River. It was her serene loops and curves, observed from a high bank one evening last August, that inspired the shape of this net.

Like the lovely stretch of river for which it is named, the Deward net is compact but sturdy, capable of delicacy and strength, built to last. The Deward's hoop measures 9 1/8 by 14 inches, with a total frame length of 21 inches. It is fitted with a fish-friendly soft nylon mesh catch-and-release bag and a brass eyelet on the handle for easy attachment to your vest, pack, or lanyard. 

This particular Deward net has a hoop of Michigan Cherry and exotic Canarywood, and a handle of Turkish Walnut.

Deward Net