Whites Bridge, spanning the Flat River near Smyrna, Michigan, became one of my favorite places the very first time I saw it. The lovely old covered bridge, built in 1867, was a reminder of a gentler time, when even the utilitarian works of humankind echoed and complemented their natural surroundings. The destruction of the bridge by arson in 2013 was a heartbreaking loss. Now, thanks to the tireless work of many good people, it has  actually been rebuilt to its original plans. Once again the smell of sun-warmed timbers sweetens the summer air, and anglers can wade the clear waters and cast a fly to hungry bass in her cool shadow on a warm afternoon. 

Thinking about the circular nature of the bridge's journey--and all of ours, too--inspired the shape of the Whites Bridge net. The hoop measures 10 3/4 x 12 inches, and overall net length comes in at 19 1/2 inches. It is fitted with a fish-friendly soft nylon mesh bag for easy catch-and-release. 

This particular Whites Bridge net has a hoop of Michigan Black Walnut and Hickory and a handle of gorgeously marbled Turkish Walnut. The handle is fitted with a small brass eyelet for easy attachment to your vest, pack, or lanyard. 

Whites Bridge Net